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{UAH} Mohamed A-Kadir Abukar fired shots at women in Calgary, charged


Mohamed A-Kadir Abukar fired shots at women in Calgary, charged

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A 32-year-old man named Mohamed A-Kadir Abukar was arrested and charged for firing shots at a car full of women in Calgary early Sunday morning reports CBC.

4 women left a nightclub around 1 am Sunday morning and got into a confrontation with Mohamed A-Kadir Abukar, Abukar opened fire with a handgun and fled the scene.

No one was injured, a police nearby police officer who happened to be in the area arrested the suspect after a short chase.

Mohamed A-Kadir Abukar was charged for the following:

  • Discharge of a firearm with intent.
  • Discharge of a firearm.
  • Recklessness.
  • Possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose.
  • Possession of a restricted firearm with ammunition.

Abukar has also been charged with four counts of breach of prohibition order for possession of firearms.

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