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{UAH} Netanyahu says Israel’s ‘hand is outstretched to peace’ — but he makes a fist

Netanyahu says Israel's 'hand is outstretched to peace' — but he makes a fist

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This is funny. The Israeli Prime Minister's office published this video of Benjamin Netanyahu's address to Birthright delegations of visiting young Jews two days ago. And the PM tells them Israel's hand is outstretched to peace, but he's making a fist.

Go to the minute mark of the video below.

It's a country that feeds the hungry, heals the sick, and helps keep people safe in Africa Asia and around the world. This is the real Israel… It's a strong country that is ready to defend itself against any threat. And its hand is outstretched to peace,  a genuine peace, with all our neighbors. This is the real Israel and you should tell everyone about it. Everyone.

You can see that Netanyahu twice makes a fist as he speaks of this genuine peace Israel is seeking.

Netanyahu also says that Iran's days are numbered, in language that is somewhat reminiscent of the old Iranian threat that Israel will vanish from the page of time. Netanyahu:

[Iran] put up a digital clock counting down to Israel's destruction… Well we were here in this land for thousands of years before the ayatollahs took the people of Iran hostage, and we'll be here long after their theocratic tyranny is just a footnote of history.

For the Iranian quote, see the New Statesman.

Oh and here's the PM's rapt audience.

Birthright visitors hear Benjamin Netanyahu, video published June 25, 2017

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