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This morning l was hosted by Omugave Mukiibi on BBS Telefayina Eyaffe,
where we talked about Kabaka's tour of Singo in particular Kyankwanzi
District and l remember Kyankwanzi as a Buganda Government prison
farm prior 1966 /7 Uganda Crisis. Then Obote turned it into a
National Service training center for Central Region, before NRM/NRA
Government, spotted it for National Leadership Institute.
The main topic was facilitation of MPs in form of money for buying
vehicles and restoration of Constituency Development Fund.
Si the state decayed in post independence Africa, leaders including
MPs find themselves supplementing where there is no or little service
delivery from the center.
But in Kenya, the fund is administered at the constituency by a
committee, and it is real money and Uganda should emulate Kenya so
that MPs don't fall in traps of failing to account for it like a one
Bihande from Kasese.
The hot topic was Kyaddondo East where NRM's Sitenda Sebalu has a
chance since he is the only NRM candidate in the race. However, his
opponent Stella Njuba is not moving side by side with him, and
moreover Capt. Gertrude Nnannyunja Njuba told Sunday Vision and
Bukedde that she supported Bobi Wine because Sitenda failed to pay
damages to the late Sam Njuba. l think they are attracting the
President's intervention in addition to what has been done by
Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba, Natuiinal Treasurer Rose
Namayanja and Regional Vice Chairperson Haji Abdul Nadduli among
others, the sooner the better.
But even FDC is in similar troubled water, as Buganda Group led by
regional chair Joyce Ssebuggwawo is for Nkunnyingi Muwda, national one
under Nandala Mafaabi, Wagula Ogutu and Paul Mwiru for Kantinti, and
Dr. Besigye in between Kantinti and Bobi Wine.
DP though withdrew its candidate, mainstream under Mao and Mbidde seem
to be pro Kantinti and Nambooze faction pro Bobi Wine.
So long as there is little internal democracy in parties including
fair party primaries, individual merit shall prevail and it will be
soon seen in Kyaddondo East.

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