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{UAH} Politicians cite invisible hand in Centenary Park fracas

Politicians cite invisible hand in Centenary Park fracas

Centenary Park

Kampala politicians have condemned a move by Kampala Capital City Authority [KCCA] to hastily demolish Centenary Park to give way for other government projects.

Kampala Division Mayor and former professional boxer, Godfrey Nyakana, businessman and Chairman NRM for Kampala Central, Salim Uhuru, and KCCA councillor, Bruhan Byaruhanga, are all against the move.

On Monday, KCCA issued a statement clarifying that it had not renewed the lease given to Nalongo estates hence would go ahead and demolish the business centre.

"We are not against development but KCCA has to use the right procedures," Salim told NBS TV.

He said even Nyakana is also not against development.

Byaruhanga said they are still ascertaining who is behind the demolition of Centenary Park.

"I think there is an invisible hand that wants Centenary Park. When a lease expires, there is a process for renewal."

On Monday morning, the demolition equipment was withdrawn.

Later in the afternoon, KCCA said M/S Nalongo Estates Ltd had a five-year sublease on two other properties on the fringes of the Centenary Park but they have all since expired.

"It is true that sometime in 2012 KCCA having terminated the management agreement took over the Centenary Park but following a court injunction, Nalongo Estates Ltd has since remained in possession of the property," KCCA said in a media statement.

Government wants to build a Kampala Flyover and Road Reconstruction Project, National Water and Sewerage Corporation trunk sewer line and UMEME power substation on the site.

A meeting held on the 23rd May 2017 at Kampala Capital City Authority offices between KCCA and representatives from National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), UMEME and the Managing Director of M/s Nalongo Estates Ltd, resolved that Nalongo leaves the site.

KCCA has now directed NWSC to proceed with the works, as agreed.

"KCCA is committed to continue engaging M/S Nalongo Estates Ltd for purposes of granting it a sublease over Plot 96A-100A Kitante Road and Plot 5 Park Link as well as execute a management agreement over Centenary Park with residue of the land earmarked for the project."


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