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{UAH} Raila Odinga will lose

Kenyans are due for the polls in August to elect a President and leaders at various levels-legislature and Governorship. 

Old foes, incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta (Jubilee rich hang) and Raila Odinga (NASA) are facing off againin. In 2013, Uhuru narrowly edged Raila and for most, it had been impossible to foresee who would triumph-which is a good thing; politicians must alwyas be kept on their toes. Same case today, though. 

Back then, Uhuru (and mate Ruto) had ICC mudslinging around his neck but by sprucing up his campaign to appeal to young people, he got the deal and there is no ICC axe hanging over his egg head

Incumbency has it drawbacks but Uhuru has only been in power a few years and cannot be said to have significantly blundered.  He has scored some major projects for Kenyans-SGR, hqs of major international bodies, etc- and endured provocation from various fronts and mostly, he is known as a man who makes leadership look so easy-at least in this reviewer's observation. 

He has been effective at maintaining touch with locals to the extent that he has been memed up micro-visiting far-flung locations and dressed up so lightly compared to the patriarchal-looking NASA crew. 

He pledged laptops and delivered on them; this time if he pledges hybrid cars or solar e-books, he will not fail to make an impression on forever expectant young people who constitute Kenya's effective voting bloc. He must have something outstanding and modern-sounding to seal his good standing among the electorate. Right now we have not established what classy artifact is on sale in the campaigns but that means that steam is low and likely to maintain the status quo.

Raila will lose votes if he doesn't chamkate audiences from Uhuru stupor. We say nothing of ethnic undertones for those must be out of the question. 

Lastly, it's not possible to fairly and accurately weigh incumbents against "outside or wanters" for wanters have not had chance to be tested against the task beyond selling rhetorical bi-products of personal ambition. Voters only have to choose-best or worst, it can only be one at a time and Raila will lose... 

Robert Atuhairwe

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