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{UAH} RUMOUR HAS IT…MP’s wife threatens to burn female journalist


In theory, the relationship between a journalist and a news source is supposed to be a professional one.
This means that while we are supposed to work closely together, there should be certain lines that we should not cross.
Yet in practice, sometimes journalists and news sources (like in other symbiotic relationships in other sectors) blur these lines.
Like being imprisoned or harassed, I have always considered sexual affairs between journalists and their news sources as an occupational hazard (they happen too frequently and can sometimes be unavoidable).
If neither of you is married, a night of fun may not have major repercussions. If one of you is married, the consequences could be dire. Here is the rumour of a female journalist who was almost scalded with hot water by a wife of an MP.
I have withheld names for obvious reasons (although those who stay in Kabale town and some journalists on this forum, will figure out the names).

She was fairly good looking and worked for one of the prominent news organization in Kampala.
He was an NRM MP from Kigezi sub region, smart and quite ambitious.
But there was just one problem: the MP was married and publicly, he projected himself to be a very religious person.
Their professional relationship started innocently and gradually, like many of them do.
The MP would provide exclusive story tips, quotes, sound-bytes and the female journalist would file stories, some of them exclusive to her news organization.
Their love affair developed naturally out of this professional relationship.
The two eventually grew fond of each other. Smitten by her beauty and tenacity, the MP tabled a tantalizing proposal.
Mbu he said: "Why don't you come and spend time in my constituency over the weekends and I show you the projects I have done for my people? I will fund all your trips."
Mbu the female journalist consulted friends and colleagues and one particularly encouraged her to take the chance (it is one way of supplementing your meagre income, a friend said).
So for a number of weekends, the MP would travel to the constituency with the journalist.
Once in the MP's constituency, the journalist would spend the better part of the day documenting some of the projects he started for the people.
Mbu, in the evening, they would retire to a prominent hotel in Kabale municipality, take a few drinks and then go upstairs to one of the rooms where they would embark on another personal odyssey, complete with screams of bliss and moans.
Late at night (shortly after midnight), the MP would retire to his country home, a few kilometres from Kabale town, to be with his wife and young family.
Mbu at home, he would always be in a foul mood. He would complain to his wife how voters are not appreciative and how some of his political mobilisers have mismanaged his projects (it was the perfect foil to evade tough questions and for the wife to know he was not in the mood for… (fill the dashes).
This sequence continued for some time but as fate would have it, there was a worker at the hotel who happened to know the MP's wife.
To make matters worse, the MP's wife occasionally lounged at the hotel (especially when her husband was away in Kampala).
So one day while she was at the hotel, the worker (who was very unprofessional, in my view) approached the MP's wife and told her about her husband's weekend escapades with a female journalist.
She was very upset and she devised a plan to trap the cheating husband.
She generously tipped the hotel worker and gave her airtime. She asked the worker to call her next time the husband checks into the hotel with the female journalist.
Mbu, one weekend, the MP and the journalist returned to the hotel unaware of what was about to befall them.
Before long, the worker phoned the MP's wife and informed her that the culprits had made their way to one of the rooms.
She also provided her with the room number, imploring her to rush and catch them in action.
Mbu she quickly boiled water, put it in two big flasks and headed for the hotel.
At the hotel, like a possessed person, she made her way to the room and knocked at the door.
Thinking it was room service, the barely dressed MP opened, only to be met with a face of his angry wife.
Mbu she screamed: "I have come to burn you and your malaya. Where is she?"
Mbu, when she heard the rants of the MP's wife the frightened female journalist took cover in the bathroom.
Mbu the MP's wife opened one of the flasks and tried to force her way into the room. The husband grabbed her long hair and shoved her away.
During the fracas, other guests came out of their rooms to watch the unfolding drama.
Security was called in and the couple was separated (I do know what happened thereafter).
Mbu, in the confusion, the female journalist was whisked out of the hotel and told to book any vehicle to Kampala (it was approaching 10PM). She did, and never returned to Kabale.
At the swearing-in ceremony of the MPs of the 10th parliament last year, this MP and his wife came holding hands. After the MP took his oath, the two hugged and later posed for photographs. Clearly, they had "forgiven" one another.
As for the journalist, she was nowhere to be seen. Personally, I have not seen her in ages. Oba yagenda America?

Allaah gives the best to those who leave the choice to Him."And if Allah touches you with harm, none can remove it but He, and if He touches you with good, then He is Able to do all things." (6:17)

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