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Thinking rather obtusely, I have over the years been wowed and awed by Uganda women in politics and today I wanna ask forumist "Why?" and "What" is going on.

I have over the years noticed that most popular and bigshot NRM females in government are unmarried and neither have Is seen them in compromising intimate situations with men. How did they come to be single when knowns are that they have kidos yet they have the audacity to advice our young daughters? To hit high above the glass ceiling many Uganda women in Politcs know the first thing is to kick their losing husbands to the curbs. However, these men do not go down or hit the curbs quietly.

Its sets a very bad example and precedent as husbands worry that they would be ordered to fold tents on hearing their wives planning to hit the gravels into politics. The husbands know they will be hitting the savannahs on a a journey of No Return to their cribs. Husbands get scared as they expect their wives to be disrespectful and ferocious but most of all the fear of their wives having excessive powers, external to their house, to silence or throw them behind bars at will. Such cowardly husbands often become recklessly vociferous by always talking and making up stories about the nasty sides of their ex-wives or girlfriends. It happened in Tororo.

Starting from the top, our speaker, who must have spewed a kid or more. Appears that any time a hubby kicks the bucket widows hit the dust into politics. Then there is that anti-aging beau called Amelia Kyambade also said to be single plus a whole lot of them in parliament. I couldn't list them bcos of one simple reason. They are too many to trace and I am very bad at names. May be I am blinded and short-sighted that behind their makeups they are living gargoyles.

I could be wrong but its highly doubtful that these two examples don't have men in their lives. Matters of the groin can drive one coochoo - esp one with power and money. They always surround Old Son of Kaguta with such pomp as though nothing is amiss in their lives.

There is.

And by the way, many of the lower but married female MPs could be suffering without their colleagues or Museveni knowing. Suffering from domestic abuses - often beatings - by some of Uganda's most dangerous husbands threatening them with death warrants signed by them husbands. They could be dying silently and softly.

I don't blame these husbands bcos appearing besides or standing behind a wife who is more powerful than a husband can literally freeze all human body parts resulting from some form of shame.

If you want to believe my weird thinking about beatings are far flung, Kenya's is even worst. World over, successful women in politics have made their husbands' lives a living in HELL

C'moooon women, take it easy on us because you need us men more than we need you. Well, ours is really for just one unmentionable reason I must confess on behalf of my fellow ravenous Baboon silverbacks.  

Sorry Baboons. Just thinking loud for no serious reasons.
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