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{UAH} South Sudan SPLA-IO has retaken Kuek

By Brigadier General William Gatjiath Deng 
Spokesperson for SPLA-IO, Pagak GHQs 
Yesterday Sunday June 12, 2017, following their attack on our positions at Kola on June 09, 2017, the Juba's regime soldiers again attacked our SPLA-IO positions west of Kuek. 

In response to these attacks, the gallant SPLA-IO forces of Sector One under the overall command of Lt. General Johnson Olony pursued the aggressors to the heart of Kuek, hence capturing and taking full control of the town itself. 

In the intense fighting that lasted for nearly three hours, the gallant SPLA-IO forces killed more than one-hundred and thirty four (134) regime's soldiers and captured many more, along with three (3) tanks, two (2) T-55, one (1) T-72, three (3) military land cruisers mounted with 12.7 AA heavy machine guns, 15 RPGs, fifty (50) PKM, one (1) 82mm, two hundred (200) AK-47 and one (1) radio device, all in very good condition. 

The rest of the defeated regime's soldiers fled in disarray towards Mastakbel, Abushar and Weda Kona, hundreds of them pushed to the river Nile, and some got drown in the Kuek Tributary (river) including their commander Col. Gatjiath Chung.

The SPLA-IO would like to once again remind the world that it will continue to act in self-defence if and when aggressed.

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