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{UAH} Allan/Edmund/Gook/Pojim: Raila beats Uhuru in latest opinion poll three weeks to General Election ▷

- Raila Odinga would beat Uhuru Kenyatta should elections be held today, a new poll shows

- But there would be a runoff between the two as Raila would garner 47% of the votes and Uhuru 46%

- The survey by a US pollster John Zogby shows 47% of the undecided voters would vote for Raila while only 27% would vote in Uhuru

NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga has beaten President Uhuru Kenyatta for the first time in a poll.

Although the survey revealed that there would be a runoff between the two should elections be held today,Raila would win in round one with 47.7% of the votes while Uhuru would get the support of 46.7%.

For one to be declared winner in round one of the presidential vote, they ought to garner 50% plus one of the total votes cast otherwise a runoff is inevitable between the two most popular candidates.


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The pollster said that 47% of the undecided voters are likely to vote for Raila while only 27% in that group are willing to give Uhuru their votes.

The survey conducted by a US pollster John Zogby and paid for by NASA indicated that Uhuru's support has been dented by corruption and a bad economy.

The results were released on Wednesday July 19 during a teleconference with the pollster.

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The poll conducted between July 8 and 13 showed that 42% of Kenyans think the country is heading in the wrong direction while another 42% remained concerned with the poor performance of the economy.

At the same time, 56% said they are concerned with the high level of unemployment while 70% of Kenyans think corruption has worsened in the last four years of Jubilee leadership.

The poll also revealed that a whopping 88% think graft plays a large role in contributing to unemployment while a similar number said corruption was contributing to the high cost of living.

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Another 82% blamed corruption to the shortage of food commodities in the country.

A recent poll conducted by Infotrak on June 24 and 27, 2017 showed Uhuru enjoys a 48% likability while Raila is admired by 43% of the voters also suggesting a possible run-off between the two.

And General Nkaissery faded...

Raila beats Uhuru in latest opinion poll three weeks to General Election ▷

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