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{UAH} ALREADY...! Zari Accused of Selling Late Ivan’s Property

Zari Accused of Selling Late Ivan's Property


There is a huge battle between South African-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and her late ex-husband Ivan Semwanga's relatives over his property.

It is alleged that Hassan is selling off the late Semwanga's property and also giving away his cars as gifts.

Zari is said to have sold Ivan Semwanga's Lamborghini and BMW X6 cars and given a Range Rover Sport to her lover Diamond Platnumz as a gift.

Sources reveal that Semwanga's uncle, Herbert Luyinda rushed to South Africa about a week ago to "rescue his son's property".

The reason as to why the late's uncle Luyinda traveled to South Africa is to stop Zari from taking care of the late's property.

Luyinda, who is still in South Africa, is said to have already got lawyers in South African lawyers to help him protect his late son's property.

However, when contacted by a local Ugandan newspaper about the allegations.

Zari said; " Ivan Semwanga's relatives simply hate me but the late never left any property in the names of any of his any family members."

"All the property are in his sons' names," she also said.

On the issue of selling off cars, Zari revealed that the late Ivan  had sold the Lamborghini before he died and said that the late had acquired a bank loan placing the Range Rover Sport as collateral security.

She explained that she kept the Range Rover in an unknown place for fear that the bank could take it away as she is still paying back the loan installments.

Zari however admitted selling the BMW X6, which according to her was just at home and one drove it. She revealed that she sold it and bought two trucks to help in the daily operations of the late Semwanga's Brooklyn City College schools.

Ivan Semwanga's cousin king Lawrence however trashed Zari's claims that the late left bank loans, citing that Zari is just using it as an excuse to spend money on her personal things.

King Lawrence says that if there are any loans, Zari should make them known to the entire family so that they can find a lasting solution.

The family is yet to hold a meeting with her


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