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{UAH} Bobi Wine

Abbey Semuwemba, Hannah Ogwapiti, Frank Mujabi, John Kwitonda

Would any of you have Mr Bobi Wine's contact details? My niece Christina Okello, Africa Correspondent for Radio France International who is based in Paris, would like to interview him on her Africa programme . If you do, let me have it. She has a deadline of Monday, as indicated in the conversation below,



Good Morning uncle George, how are you doing?
I want to do a story on Bobi Wine's election victory and what it means for Uganda's path towards democracy
You wouldn't happen to have his number by any chance please? Merci 🙂
Hello Tina, hope you OK. I dont have Bobi's contacts but will try to get it through others who might know him. Will let you know. Keep well.
Christina Okello
That would be great!
Just FYI, would need the contact before deadline Monday evening
You've been warned 🙂

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