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{UAH} A fresh agenda for our failing organization-from Dr. Kawuma an impressive and aspiring UNAA Presidential candidate.

My fellow Ugandans, 

I have a plan for UNAA, said Dr Kawuma at the Ugandan splash event this past weekend, ¬ to a crowd that was excited to see a fresh face with great ideas, a new UNAA presidential candidate who is poised to change UNAA's stagnant status quo!
A simple question thrown to his audience as to what UNAA, had done for them in the last 30 years, raised no takers in this Boston crowd of about 200 Ugandans– comprised of an equal number of youth under 16 as adults.  Yet, there were some in the audience -who would lament a mouth full, grousing about the local chapter and the fractured top of the organization.  

  In a corner where I stood I ran into an old friend Nkusa, who was also conducting his own campaign mission, urging folks to go to Vegas – one thing for sure about Ugandans, we are a society that loves democratic ideas. We are willing to give folks the benefit of doubt and a platform, if they make sense. 
Dr. Kawuma, gingerly struck a chord in this huge crowd of Ugandans with his pregnant agenda for UNAA. 

If elected I will have an office or two where folks in the Diaspora can come and deliberate on issues that will propel us forward as a people of the Diaspora. I would like other entities to know that we exist as an organization and not merely as a baseless group, but an organization that has office space to conduct the business of the people. If you ask Mr. Atigo today where can I come and meet you as UNAA's President -he will run for cover -at loss of words because he has made no plans for an office.

Unlike my opponent, Mr. Atigo, who has continued with the trend of keeping the organization apart- I want to unite these splintered UNAA groups into one great organization once again- renew the vision of the founding members-so we can once again boldly hold conventions in one place. I want to have dialogue with UNAA's historicals,to most importantly include their views and suggestions as to how the organization ought to be run. 

As a people, we have to learn to respect institutions that we have built – not to run away from them but to know that there is a long incubation period to build organizations and we have got to nurture UNAA's continued growth. 

Let them bring their grievances to the table my team and I will work fervently to fix them-there is no need to scatter our limited resources over disagreements – "together we can" is indeed a mantra we embrace, it is a formula that will allow us to accomplish and win a lot for our people.

My platform and contract with Ugandans entails -making this organization profitable to advantage all Ugandans in the Diaspora. I know that this is a tall order but -if we can put our minds on it we can achieve it.

I have a Youth agenda and not just cheap talk! We want our youth to have a platform for greatness -to be proud of this organization- but we must first make our convention affordable to students and to our youth. 

I would like them to fundamentally know and be proud of their uniqueness -to empower them to be high achievers and above all to provide them with a platform for change -where they can collaborate with each other, get mentored and know their common heritage.  A society that neglects their youth can never rise to greatness.

When asked by the Boston convention organization committee about the success factors of their recently held convention – Mr. Atigo -whined and whimpered – he did not provide them with any financial report -no accountability at all -ask him about the Boston balance sheet -the next time you see him!
My goal if elected as UNAA president is to change all that and to run the most transparent organization – and to follow the mandate of the people -zero tolerance for corruption and 100% transparency.

  I want every disparate voice of Uganda to be heard by our leadership as dialogue for success and not a monologue of imposition -and that is the clear distinction between me and my opponent Mr. Atigo. 

Unlike my opponent, Mr. Atigo, I do not want to lay in bed with government and forget all the ills that are plaguing our communities. I will take a prudent stand -work with them - by continually reminding them of the people's mandate-our working relationship will be based on the mantra of "trust but verify "-in keeping with the vision of the founding members of this organizaton-our politicians must be reminded again and again whether they have kept their commitment to the people of Uganda.

If elected I will make sure that there is a clear demarcation between the UNAA Diaspora mandate and Uganda government's agenda -my team will change and redefine our working relationship with government officials -to ensure that it is one that fosters and promotes an exchange of ideas -with clear goals aimed at helping improve our condition both abroad and at home. The diaspora has a lot of expertise to offer to change the course of our nation- I pledge to you that I will work diligently to ensure that- we are deemed relevant as professionals in the development of our nation.  Leadership calls for standing with a back bone, not just falling over as a leaf and accept- government money- wholesale as a condition to ignore -what is clearly lacking on ground.

Finally my friends – I will be counting on you to give me your vote and I promise not to disappoint you-if elected.  Don't forget to register within the next few days -all folks with familial ties with Uganda in the Diaspora can pay a membership fee of $50.00 and register to vote.  The real thing will be happening in Maimi -that is where I will be expecting you to be- let us all work together to change our lives. 

With such an agenda for the Diaspora -who can say "NO" to this fellow -who's already accomplished the toughest course of being a Doctor.

Tendo Kaluma

Ugandan in Boston.


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