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{UAH} Man jailed 40 years for killing his wife

Man jailed 40 years for killing his wife



KOLE-  The High Court in Lira has sentenced to 40 years in jail for murdering his wife.

Dickens Adupa, a resident of Awumi Dani village in Bala Sub-county, Kole District, was convicted for murdering his wife Ms Sharon Eluny on May 7, 2013,  following a domestic quarrel.

Ms Fiona Ajok, one of the witnesses, testified during the trial that on the fateful day, she heard Eluny screaming for help and rushed to the couple's house only to find her lying in a pool of blood.

She said she saw Adupa and his relatives trying to tie a rope around the deceased's body probably to dupe the public that she had committed suicide.

Ms Ajok told court that she reported the matter to Bala Police Post and the suspects were arrested.

 In her judgment on Monday, Lira Resident Judge, Lady Justice Winifred Nabisinde, said prosecution had proved beyond reasonable doubt that Adupa murdered his wife.

The judge sentenced Adupa to 40 years in jail. She, however, said the convict would serve 36 years given that he had already spent four years on remand.


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