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{UAH} Margaret Kamar declares she is Nicholas Biwott’s wife

Margaret Kamar declares she is Nicholas Biwott's wife

By Patel Okumu | Updated Wed, July 19th 2017 at 17:44 GMT +3

Professor Margaret Kamar (centre), holds hands with Hannie Biwott (right) and family members at the Eldoret Air strip after the arrival of former Cabinet Minister Nicholas Biwott's body (PHOTO: PETER OCHIENG)

Eldoret, Kenya: Uasin Gishu politician Margaret Kamar has finally come out and declared that she is the late Nicholas Biwott's wife.

During requiem mass in Toot village, the academician turned politician laid bare her relationship with the former Cabinet Minister.   

Kamar was seen holding hands with her co-wives Hannie and Kavista after they had introduced their children.

 Away from the secretive and highly guarded personality that was known of Biwott, whose name was mentioned in the 1990s' unresolved murder of his former Cabinet colleague Robert Ouko, those close to him disclosed a soft side of the man, away from the clench-fisted persona, revealing him as a statesman, patriot and a philanthropist.

For the first time, Biwott's family, one of his otherwise closely guarded life, was revealed to the public, with his wife Hannie Biwott, leading his children and grandchildren in mourning the man, whose attributes in improving the livelihood of the Kenyans he interacted with, led to him being nicknamed "Maendeleo (Development) or Karnet (Kalenjin for steel hardened)".


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