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{UAH} Robert Mueller Accesses Trump’s Hidden Tax Returns, Trump Is Panicking!

Robert Mueller Accesses Trump's Hidden Tax Returns, Trump Is Panicking!

Trump is reportedly furious over Robert Mueller's expanding investigation that just added Trump's business dealings to the mix.  According to the Washington Post, Mueller's investigation may include a look into Trump's and his family's finances.

Trump broke presidential tradition by failing to disclose his tax returns.  He claims he has nothing to hide, yet he continues to hold on tight to his tax returns.  Earlier in his presidency, he lied about an IRS audit being the reason he couldn't release his returns.

Later he said that the public "doesn't care" about his tax returns, however, protests calling for the release of his returns beg to differ.

Mueller may be the person who finally gets access to Trump's elusive returns, and Trump is not happy about it.  The special counsel needs to take a look at Trump finances to see if there are links between Russia and the Trump campaign

On Wednesday, Trump interviewed with The New York Times and accused Mueller of conducting an investigation tainted with conflicts of interest.  He warned him not to cross the line into his personal finances.


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