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In Canberra: The spokesman for South Sudan President 
office, Ateny Wek Ateny in Australia to buy property according to anonymous member of the South Sudanese Community in Melbourne. A local member of the South Sudanese community from Aweil in Melbourne alleged that Mr Wek had travelled from Melbourne to Sydney to inspect properties and he will return to Melbourne over the weekend to decide where to buy. It is unclear how many properties Mr Wek had planned to acquire, but he is not the first South Sudanese politician to own a property in another country. The previous chief of army, General James Hoth Mai Nguoth had bought a property in Australia with cash of 1.5 million Australian dollars, and many other politicians in the country have also owned properties in East Africa, Europe and America according to reports by anti corruption organisations. At this point Mirayafm is unable to contact the South Sudanese leaders in Australia or the embassy to investigate the manoeuvre since he is on private tour.

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