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{UAH} Two brothers arrested over Entebbe student's murder

Two brothers arrested over Entebbe student's murder

The arrested are Mohammed Ssebaduka and his

The arrested are Mohammed Ssebaduka and his 17-year-old sibling (names withheld) 

By Paul Adude

Police have arrested two family members for allegedly taking part in the murder of Norah Wanyana, formerly a student at Air Force Secondary School in Entebbe.

The arrested are Mohammed Ssebaduka and his 17-year-old sibling (names withheld).

A naked body of the deceased was discovered with a log stuffed in her private parts last Friday, by residents of Nkumba Central Division.

Entebbe Main Police station OC CID ASP Zachariah Mbabazi confirmed the arrest of the two brothers.

"Yes we have them in custody and murder charges are to be preferred against them, we are going to take them to court soon," he said.

As police searched the crime scene on Monday afternoon, the younger of the two suspects told police that his elder brother Ssebaduka asked him to escort him to seal off a business deal.

The suspect said Ssebaduka rang the deceased, who arrived shortly to meet them wearing her school uniform and carrying books.

He further said that they moved a distance with the deceased until they reached a shrub, from where they forcefully held her mouth and hands and took her into the shrub.

While holding her down, the suspect said, Ssebaduka had sex with her, after which he told him to do the same.
After their actions, Ssebaduka got a log and inserted it into the deceased's private parts and left after she breathed her last.

They then went to the shores of Lake Victoria at Wagagai Ltd, Kasenyi from where they cleaned up and rode off on his elder brother's boda boda (UDY 854C), which police recovered from the Ssebaduka's home.


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