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Should Loneliness be Classified As An Illness? People in Britain And Developed Western Societies are living longer, and increasingly, spending their last years alone. More people than ever before describe themselves as lonely, with some elderly people going for weeks on end without talking to any one. Many experts now believe the world could be facing a loneliness epidemic. The figures in the UK are startling. The Campaign to End Loneliness says the number of people who describe themselves as sometimes lonely has shot up by 20%, while "10% of everyone over 65 is chronically lonely".According to the Department of Health, five million older people say their main companion is the TV set, and almost one in five older people are in contact with family friends and neighbours less than once a week.Disability and ill health have long been recognised as triggers for loneliness but the fragmentation of society – the decline of the nuclear family, the way we move around for work, the fact that fewer families live with older relatives, and of course, the increasing numbers of people living alone – clearly adds to the problem. What Is The experience in poor societies like Uganda?

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What can a GP do for you if the pain is caused by loneliness, poverty and despair?

When something hurts, the doctor's surgery seems like the obvious place to go for help. But what can a GP do for you if the pain is caused by loneliness, poverty and despair?

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