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{UAH} Bobby@Asking questions of leaked documents?


Asking questions of leaked documents?

I pray this birth and marriage certificates are a forgery because if they are not, a few more new facts will have been revealed.

Let's examine them.

1. Contrary to widely held view, Auntie Penny is not a mother to the boy? Rather, a certain unknown and unspoken of Hope Rwaheru is the biological mother to the General?

2. The father was not after all monogamous all along? Compare the date of birth with the date of a leaked marriage certificate (also attached).

3. Who is Hope Rwaheru? What has happened to her? Why has she been erased from the public discourse about the family?

4. The father of the child was born in Rwanda? Was he a Rwandese citizen as well at the time?

5. Is there a link between the 'discovery of the baptism register' with the torrent of family documents that made their way to social media? If so, who is doing this and why?

These questions linger on my mind. From where I see things, here is more to these document leaks than meet the eye. Maybe more are yet to come.
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