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{UAH} Joseph Kamugisha: Give us your bwino on Baptism

By Drew Ddembe

That it was standard practice in the church of Uganda for children to be baptised only after they were old enough to recite the catechism for themselves. This was usually after the age of 8 years. This practice continued till the late 70's.

Musaasizi notes that "the constitution of the Diocese of Uganda, ratified at the synod in 1917 allowed for the baptism of infants below 6 years of age -

(I) if both their parents had converted,
(II) if the mother only was a convert but the father agreed to the baptism of his children.

The constitution was clear that if a child was older than 6 years of age, they would have to undertake the catechism course"

Yoweri himself in his own book states that he clearly remembers his own baptism which we are now told was in 1947 in what we know was ultra conservatist bahima/balokole country!

What are the chances that he was baptised before the age of 8 years?

Ps. This would make the man at least 78 years and his tenancy of presidents lodge illegal and unconstitutional!

These things can backfire in spectacular ways!

"War is nothing but a  continuation of political intercourse, with a mixture of other means. Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest." 

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