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Kenya has maintained a two five years' presidential term limit. The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is comprised of representatives from all stakeholders like the opposition political parties, civil society and religious institutions. No one is restricted from contesting for any elective office by virtue of his or her ethnic, political and social affiliation. Mobility by opposition during campaigns is not restricted. Security forces are not used by the sitting government to harass and curtail the opposition during campaigns. Public servants are not involved in sabotaging and curtailing opposition campaign efforts. The opposition is treated with dignity as fellow Kenyans and not enemies. The campaign period ends without a single incident of state orchestrated violence. Imagine the ruling party accepting to relocate its final rally to Nakuru because the Uhuru Park in the city of Nairobi was to be used by the opposition NASA for its final rally. The Head of ICT at IEBC, Chris Msando was murdered but the work of the IEBC was not hampered. Campaigns ended without a single opposition contestant or supporter being held in detention.

Both the ruling party and the opposition had no militias allied to their respective camps. On the election day, the population freely trotted to the polling stations without fear or restrictions. The opposition alleged that the IEBC computer system had been hacked into and the IEBC accepted to investigate by way of carrying out a manual audit of the results forms submitted from the constituencies. In 2015, the court granted the opposition request for the results at constituency level to be regarded as final and the IEBC has complied with that ruling. The IEBC dismissed on spot two of its Election Officials who attempted to tamper with the exercise. Even when the opposition put its supporters on standby for mass action, the government did not detain the same leaders on flimsy charges of terrorism. The government did not panic by shutting down social media so as to disable mobility. Local and international observers and media outlets were afforded unlimited access to the exercise and they overwhelmingly commended the electoral process as having been free, fair, transparent and credible.

While Kenya has demonstrated that it has moved away the effects of decades of former President Moi's tyrannical rule, Museveni and Kagame are caught up in the struggle to prove that they are more skilled in savage rigging of elections than their predecessors. The Kenya election has also proven that without being dragged into partisan politics by the sitting government, the security forces can act with impartiality. Moreover, by comparison, the Kenya police is a mentor to its Ugandan counterpart.

Next time the IEBC should move to each county and declare the respective results from there so as to avoid the alleged tampering during the electronic transmission to the national tally centre. If there was any rigging in Kenya, it was done in a civilized way. What if Chris Msando had not been murdered, what else would the opposition have alleged in its dissatisfaction???? However, there is a possibility of a low intensity conflict creeping up in Kenya arising out of this election that may drag in some key regional players.

Viva Kenya; you have done Africa proud and restored hope in black Africa.



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