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{UAH} Nabagereka’s Father John Luswata Arrested


Nabagereka's Father John Luswata Arrested

John Luswata Ssebugwawo, the father of the Nabagereka is in police custody
John Luswata Ssebugwawo, the father of the Nabagereka is in police custody

Police in Entebbe have in detention one John Luswata Ssebugwawo, the father of the Queen (Nabagereka) of Buganda.

Mr Ssebugwawo and two of his relatives were arrested yesterday and are detained at Entebbe Police on allegations of land fraud.

The Queens's father and his two brothers, Edmund Ssebugwawo and one only identified as Steven are being accused of selling a plot of land to two different people.

The plot of land measuring 100x100ft is situated in Bufulu in Nkumba, near the house of the late Nelson Edmond Nkalubo Ssebugwawo, the Nabagereka's grandfather.

Sebuggwawo and his co accused are said to have sold the land to one Dr. Ian Ssendawula at Shs 28million, only to find out later that the same plot had earlier been sold to another person and was being developed.

Mr Sendaula, Bukedde reports, dragged the trio to police and they were all arrested separately.

The Nabagereka's father, according to the Luganda paper, was picked up Friday afternoon while he returned from a clinic in Entebbe.

Ssendaula says he tried to ask the three suspects to repay his money, but they declined.

Police spokesperson Asan Kasingye said had not yet been updated on the development.

The case at Entebbe Police Station is under File Number SD46/28/07/27.

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