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{UAH} Nigerian Man Stage Protest In Front Of Buhari’s Residence In London, UK Police Refuse To Arrest Him

Nigerian Stages One Man Protest To Demand The Resignation Of President Buhari, The Nigerian Leader Who Has Been In A London Hospital For More Than Three Months And Nowadays Holds Weekly Cabinet Meetings In London.

Photos: Nigerian Man Stage Protest In Front Of Buhari's Residence In London, UK Police Refuse To Arrest Him

Jonathan Goodluck Oberia defied all odds and risks to stage a one man protest at the Abuja house in London to ask the presidency todisclose the health status of President Buhari who has been out of Nigeria for 92 days now.

The Nigerian man who is based in the United Kingdom, came with his female friend, while also revealing that some staff of the Abuja house called the police to arrest him but the police officers on their arrival said he did not commit any crime.

He wrote on Facebook;

See some reactions below;

Tz Ben Don
They are more liberal than wat we are seeing here. A primitive country where fundamental human rights are being trampled without any form of remorse. My next world I will also want to be a Nigerian but a Nigeria that is free from corruption, bad government, especially the bad government of Buharism.

Egbu Peace
So no more freedom of speech in this country? I don't blame them I blame people who voted for change now u have it


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