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{UAH} Plot To Assassinate Andrew Mwenda Leaks

A plot to kill celebrated Ugandan journalist Andrew Mwenda by assassination has leaked, Spy Reports can authoritatively reports.

According to a highly placed and trusted security source, the plan to kill Mwenda is being planned by a bitter high ranking government official also a high ranking decorated military general with the second highest rank in the Ugandan military.

This military general (names concealed) is light brown, tall, wears eye spectacles in his late 50s and has held a number of key security positions up to date.

This source narrated to us that Mwenda's problems followed after he authored a security dossier which he delivered to president Museveni at state house in Entebbe.

It is indicated that in both Mwenda's dossier and narrative briefing to president Museveni, he came out with evidence pinning this military general in masterminding some of insecurity incidents in Kampala to discredit government and police for failing to do its work.

"Mwenda briefed the president with examples on how this general has planned some of the security incidents in Kampala with the aim of causing hatred against government and police." This source told us.

It is indicated that president Museveni listened carefully as Mwenda read his dossier while the latter took some notes.

Museveni later asked Mwenda to go and assured him that he would act as soon as possible.

Consequently, the following week president Museveni summoned this General to state house where totally bashed him and left him embarrassed.

It is reported that Museveni did not allow him to say anything and after several hours of intensive grilling, he ordered him to get out of his sight.

The latter jumped into his black land cruiser together with his driver and body guard and drove back to Kampala.

This general puffing like puff adder, he immediately met with a team of hit me whom he instructed to have Mwenda go to meet his ancestors after through his intelligence network from State house discovered that it was him (Mwenda) who authored the dossier and handed it to the president.

The source further intimated to us that Mwenda who is the managing director of Independent Publications Limited, the publishers of The Independent, a current affairs newsmagazine is currently living in fear for his life after learning about plans to kill him.

Mwenda Speaks Out

When this website contacted Mwenda he confirmed that he is aware of the plans and said he has already informed the president and the Inspector General of police.

"Yes am aware of a top government minister who is planning to have me shot and I have already  informed the president and the Inspector General of police and they are aware. Mwenda told us.

According to Mwenda, this military general was planning to assassinate him and blame it on Rwanda such that Uganda and Rwanda could plunge into diplomatic tension.

"He wanted to blame everything on Rwanda such that Uganda and the latter could go to war.

Mwenda also said that he took a step call this General and asked him why he wanted to kill him.

"When I called him he was fuzzy, he did not deny nor accept but anyway I don't care. Mwenda added.

Mwenda who is reported to be one of president Museveni's strategists is also a close friend to Rwandan president Paul Kagame.

Allaah gives the best to those who leave the choice to Him."And if Allah touches you with harm, none can remove it but He, and if He touches you with good, then He is Able to do all things." (6:17)

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