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{UAH} Sick Friend

Comrade Alan Barigye/ Gwokto,

I am now beginning to get very worried about my mortality, or rather its longevity. A few weeks ago, I told you my former girlfriend had just been released from hospital after chemotherapy for cancer and she has been staying with me for a while; she has now gone back to her home as her mother is around to help her

But just today again, I got into conversation with another long term friend of mine- we had lost contact for almost 5 years, but then she came back to me recently, and we were discussing terrorism and the effect it is having in the world- and then suddenly she drops the mother of all bombs- that she has had a heart attack!!!

Read our conversation:

That unfortunately can be a problem with groups.In particular,Muslim groups aren't open minded.Criticism ofgovernments is part of Freedom of Speech in a democracy,so Ugandans shouldn't have objections. It is what it is,so I wouldn't worry about it. Thanks for explaining.I look forward to you keeping in touch.and wish you well.I am keeping well and continue with my therapy.

Nancy, we will manage- it is a constant and never ending struggle. Social media is new to many Ugandans, some take it as just fun and banter, others more seriously, but constantly the Ugandan fascist state wants to control it. It spends an awful lot of money monitoring even the most innocuous of posts. But it cant succeed. Ideas can never be controlled or imprisoned. By the way, I never knew you are having therapy? Hope it is not very serious? Keep well.
Nancy Wemyss
I had a heart attack! But I'm fine!
Nancy, I am sorry to hear about this? How long ago? I really wish you well, you need all the strength you can muster. I admire your bravery wish you a quick recovery.
Nancy Wemyss
It was a year ago...but then I was diagnosed with other conditions, which I take meds for! But I'm a survivor,I'll overcome . Thanks for your good wishes. Take care may GBU...

So what can I say? And here I am, I have been complaining about Sarcoidiosis and having to attend medical reviews every three months- while friends are really having it tough.

I tell you, if I believed in god, I would go and pray tonight and thank him that he only gave me Sarcoid. I am a very lucky man.


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