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{UAH} Uganda stocks fuel ahead of Kenya elections

Uganda stocks fuel ahead of Kenya elections

Published on 07.08.2017 à 17h21 by APA News

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Uganda's government has contract fuel companies to bring in more than a million gallons of fuel from Kenya to be stored in the country's reserve tanks, ahead of Tuesday's elections in Kenya.According to a statement from Uganda's energy ministry, the move is aimed at ensuring adequate fuel supply in Uganda during this period.

The move follows public concern by many Ugandans, who are worried about a possible disruption in the supply of petroleum products in case the Kenyan election degenerates into violence, and that Uganda might run short of fuel as it heavily relies on fuel brought in from Mombasa in Kenya.

Uganda's energy ministry has directed each oil marketing company to have stock to last ten days.


In 2007/2008, Uganda was hit by a national fuel shortage during the post-election violence that rocked Kenya, after the bitterly contested 2007 elections.

Meanwhile, hundreds of fuel trucks are stranded at the border after the online verification system broke down. The more than one kilometer line of trucks cannot all officially enter the country ahead of Tuesday and before verification.

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