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{UAH} There’s a theory that Agaba Pato hired Kanyankole and his team to kidnap Magala Suzan.

Frank Mujabi,

Here is another post by Titus Seruga, the man whose articles Afuwa and Semuwemba's administrators have been posting as their own, without giving any attribution or acknowledgement. Apparently he has set himself up as the new Tom Voltaire Okwalinga, an "insider" who knows the ins and outs of criminality within the NRA-Kayibanda gangster regime and is attempting to feed us straight from the horse's mouth.


Seruga Titus shared his post.
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There's a theory that Agaba Pato hired Kanyankole and his team to kidnap Magala Suzan.

I call it a theory because there is a missing link to this story, nevertheless while investigating crime ,You follow every single lead.

Agaba Pato is not new to kidnaps and frauds both in Uganda and South Africa, but he has used his connections in Uganda to evade arrest.
Most Ugandan Basummers based in South Africa survive on crime, they return to Uganda to hide and thereafter return to South Africa with new names.

Ugandans are partly to blame, they know this information but choose to keep quiet and embrace criminals , sometimes you blame authorities that provide protection to these criminals, This Ka boy whose name I never mention has guards, SK Mbuga had military Guards, Muchana had guards, Its embarrassing. Why do we praise and protect criminals in this country and leave innocent hardworking Ugandans to fall victims?

Police and military officers giving guards to these criminals should be punished with immediate effect, all these high profile criminals now killing investors have police or army protection, don't mistake this with the Sobbi case because at least Sobbi came out openly to denounce crime and even provided names of those he was working with thereby earning protection since he had become a target. But talk about those that are committing crime and have protection, protection from Who , is the pending question.

The sad part is that the youths in kampala are emulating and idolizing the likes of SK Mbuga, Pato, Bahati, the "Ka-Boy", rich gang etc because TV stations are giving these people audience, instead of working ,youths are looking for deals, people to steal from quick money so they can be rich and famous like them.Until we put these criminals out, confiscate all their properties ,we will not make our country safe. Being a conman is not working ,it's stealing from the hard working, it's thuggery and should be condemned rather than encouraged .Fake bloggers are paid little money to praise these thugs, our poor people are turned and made to beg for small money not knowing the effects to the economy.

I have seen people argue that these thugs bring money to Uganda and putting up investment, show me any investment the "ka boy" has put up, do you know it will take Uganda ten years to clean up what Mbuga did? Do you know it will take Uganda more than ten years to return back investors the country has lost over these murders at hotels? That same money they steal is just being used to spread HIV around. I HATE CONMEN with a passion.

In Belgium, Germany, USA, Finland, Sweden, UK and other European countries citizens that travel to Africa have been told to avoid Uganda or move there at their own risk, is this good for our nation? the country's tourism industry is being affected by these few people and their naive followers who can't see the impact, authorities in Uganda are starved and only care about the little money given to them in reward for protection. Our country is not just becoming a shithole but we are letting ourselves enter the shithole.

Pato had previously stolen a cross country Mercedes Benz G55 from South Africa, its believed that in this car there was a kid, investigations are ongoing to find out what happened to this kid, however the car was shipped to Uganda and somehow through corruption this vehicle is on Ugandan roads. Had authorities in Uganda investigated these vehicles ,maybe Pato would be in prison and the deaths that followed later, maybe could have been prevented .

Latest intelligence shows that Pato has confessed to committing crimes in South Africa to avoid being returned to Uganda, legal experts argue that his confession will indeed get him prosecuted in South Africa but after his sentence he will still be deported to serve his sentence in Uganda.

Meanwhile since Pato is not available for questioning in Kampala this case is likely going to get problems, Knowing Kanyankole, he knows that keeping quiet will get him out after ten years or less, then blackmail whoever hired him to pay more money or expose him. This case can only succeed if all pieces are put together at its initial introduction to Court.

Was Pato acting on his own or acting under orders of a big fish? I don't like to speculate here but until Pato is in Uganda this big fish will be free.

Who paid Pato the alleged 200,000 USD and how did this money leave Uganda by Air to South Africa?

If Pato's theory is right then what happened to the 700 million? That means around 1.4billion was involved in this crime?

Where are the other pieces in this puzzle? ( those in security know what I mean) Pato was in the country, for 21 days Police should have stopped him from leaving the country, what happened?

We were convinced that the kidnapper knew a lot about their victims, where is the connection?

In the meantime some people whose names will not be mentioned are still on the run, CMI is taking the lead on this case with the assistance of ISO, Police will handle prosecution when all is

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