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{UAH} The church at risk with NRM REGIME

Why I say the church is at risk with NRM regime it's because..the so called spying for the state are in all corners of the church. 
Some came as refugees the church welcomed them trained them and trusted them as priests but the truth is that they are serving the state interest not God

Some came from within our communities. And are working for the state under the church. 

All along people wondered why the church took it's time comment on the works of the state in regard to torture and brutality of UGANDANS. 

To day we understand why. They also had fears with in their circles. Now they ha e established the so called informers it's easy for the church to honestly advise the state what is right ad the wrongs they are doing. 

It's very sad to see that our churches ha e been strong institutions that kept ugandans moving but this regime is working hard to destroy the church. 
This regime has destroyed all strong instution within the country and all have failed to offer services apart from the church. 

Now the regime has entered the church to destroy it as and treat it like the way our schools look. 

Ugandans we need to hold on so hard on clips and say no to the regime. Away from our church. We have lost hope in the regime but left with the church that brings us together. 

These people have no mercy . You all know over a million people were killed in the church in Rwanda during the genocide. So to this regime the church may mean nothing. 

But we as UGANDANS we have to defend the church and chase them away. They came from.nowhere. no morals. No faith. No honest. Let's us not abide to their ill upbringing. 

Our church leaders are stake. We don't have guns to protect them but we have faith in God to protect them.

Many traps have been layed. But God has saved our them. UGANDANS we ha e a duty to play and save our church and it's leadership.

There is evil on our door steps let's not fall trap. 

There is death at at our door steps let's not give in.

The bribing of church leaders with Pajeros and brown envelops has come to an end. Those envelopes contained evil and sin. 

The regime if full of evil and all want all UGANDANS to join them and be evil like them...but UGANDANS remain clever a d defeat thieves. 


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