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There is no doubt about oil's presence in Bunyoro-Kitara. But the people who possess the technology to drill it have refused to release the technology to Uganda until Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is dead.

The world heard Museveni declaring, MY OIL.

He may have sounded as if he was joking, but the western powers who possess the technology todrill oil out of the grou nd did not take it as a joke.

Therefore, Banyoro must wait for another 30 years, after Museveni is out of power, before we can see Bunyoro-Kitara's oil gushing out of the ground.

But by that time oil will probably no longerneeded to run automobiles. Solar and wind power, and nuclear power will have been perfected.  Hence, our oil will remain in the ground and Banyoro, led by Dr. Fredrick Kabagambe Kaliisa, will get another  100 million handshake, and will still praise Museveni for being a visionary who discovered oil in Uganda.
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Subject: Oil: When will oil production begin now its near fifteen years since oil wa discovered in Bunyororo-Kitara.
Henry Ford Mirima

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