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{UAH} A survey finds that Americans think the best president in their lifetime was Obama



It is very interesting how society scans these polls and it cherry picks them. In the process you forget that we all read the very same polls for no you are not entitled to information for you are an Acholi, we are all feeding on the very same source. What other numbers were in this poll?  And I ask that question for I have seen this thread walking in several forums, but you  are all feeding us with only one number "Obama is the best president" Well to whom? To what age group? To what society? How are the numbers out of this poll compare president Obama to president Trump? Give us the real reading this poll gave you out of which you are cherry picking. And trust me, I left this nonsense to fly now for two days for I thought one of you had the gut to post the entire poll which is by the way your own poll than mine. That is how stupid you are as  Africans for you have the brains that love to come to Western countries, but you want your entire population to flock in and eat whatever has been saved in Western countries, yet you are asking Western countries to donate funds to those still un able to  board the wrecked ships to show up as well. In the process you are forgetting that making America open and you dump the entire Central American population into United States, the American economy is going to die, those of you in United States will starve and those in wrecked ships will starve as those left in Africa.


Number 45 is your hero for wants to save the economy by protecting it in turn protecting you twerps.


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(CNN) — The "Yes We Can" years still mean a lot to many Americans. Evidence of that is borne out in a new Pew Research Center poll released this week that places former President Barack Obama at the top of a list of best presidents of Americans' …

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