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{UAH} below is the School fees structures of different schools in the Country.

A day after Government allowed Schools to increase school fees to meet the rising cost of living, below is the School fees structures of different schools in the Country.

Mary's College Kisubi 1,900,000

Mt St Mary's Namagunga 1,700,000

Gayaza High school 1,520,000 From 1,230,000

Kibuli SS 1,400,000

Makerere College 1,200,000

Ndege SS 1,530,000 From 1,000,000

Bweranyangi 1,000,000

Trinity College Nabbingon 940,000

MaryHill HS 916,000

Ntare School 940,000

Mengo SS 810,000

St Henry, Kitovu 1,000,000 From 900,000

Tororo Girls' school 900,000 From 792,000

Iganga SS 800,000 From 730,000

St Peters' SS , Nsambya 900,000 From 780,000

Teso College, Aloet, 976,000 From 770,000

Iganga high 570,000 From 420,000

Mbale SS 410,000

Nabumali high school 797,000

Manjasi high school 500,000

St Paul's College, Mbale 584,000

Masaba SS 460,000 400,000

The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education, Mr Alex Kakooza, says, Government allowed secondary schools to set their own school fees, But he warned the increase should "be within the limit" although he didn't state the minimum or maximum fees to be charged saying this will depend on individual institutions. Schools are set to receive Senior One students for the first term on February 13.

Tell me how a poor man's child in a U.S.E school deep in Kyankwanzi or Kabuyanda would ever compete with academically who spend close to 2millions a term.

Most of these schools and their standards are a reservie for the privileged like me and him as an elite but not you majority Ugandans. because, how many cows, would a parent in Kabagarame need to sell in order to educate a child from S1-S4 at 2m per term for quliaty standard of Education?

Yes,,,the cost of living has risen we admit, But does Government put into consideration majority Ugandans who continue being affected by these so called cost of living? or first priority is given to School directors who most are not known to many?

How comes Schools feel the rising cost of living and increase fees, but when a farmer face a shrinking price of produces, under the same cost of living nothing is done?

Why is it that when teachers,Nurses and doctors request for salary pay rise so as to match with the currecnt cost I living nothing is done???

What is the main problem???

Many questions with no answers
Concerned Ugandan citizen
#For God and My country

"When a man is stung by a bee, he doesn't set off to destroy all beehives"

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