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President Yoweri Museveni has put to task Minister for Health Dr. Ruth
Jane Aceng to explain why his ministry has failed to eradicate
Malaria, the worst killer disease in Africa and the Tropics, by using
ant mosquito spaying indoors and outdoors.
The Minister explained that for outdoors, environmentalists fear that
using DDT could affect our food chain both on land water bodies/ She
however admitted that despite the fact that the mosquito nets have
been widely distributed, and there is some indoor spraying, the
ministry has not fully intensified.
This was at Parliament this afternoon as the President was launching
Mass Action against Malaria (MAAM) and Uganda Parliamentary Forum on
Malaria (UPFM).
The President was provoked by the Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, who
is the Patron of the forum, whom he accused of "spying on my notes,
which is unchristian," who wondered why health ministry did not apply
massive outdoor spraying of mosquitoes in order to eradicate Malaria,
as it was the case in some countries.
In reply, the President said that the causative agent of Malaria was
not the mosquito (a female one called anopheles) but a protozoan
called plusmodium.
Remembering his Biology lessons he said, he had exactly 54 years ago,
the President said that if a mosquito is not contaminated with
plusmodia he acquires from biting other people (to suck blood for
growth of its eggs), it would not be transmitting it to another
He called for eradication of both plusmodia and anopheles.
Supporting by other doctors including Dr. Lugemwa, Dr. Aceng explained
that, most anopheles live indoors and if are spread, they can be
eradicated, those other mosquitoes that are in swamps , may spread
other diseases like Yellow Fever and Elephantiasis, but not Malaria.
The President wondered how much money needed for the campaign and the
Minister said 450 billion Shillings, which the President said, was not
very much, they may concentrate on the sector, the way they did with
infrastructure where four trillion shillings have made an impact as
tarmac roads are now every where.
He however encouraged the private sector to contribute on the Malaria
Fund, and later government will also do it in not less than one
financial year..
He called upon MPs , to be his foot soldiers in the campaign and
castigated some who have been poisoning the people against health
ministry programs like fighting River Blindness in the North, which,
he said, is related to the Nodding disease.
Chief Government Whip Ruth Nankabirwa assured the President that after
350 MPs touched on the Constitution, now all MPs were ready touch on
Malaria and it would be finished.
President was First Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Leader of
Government Business Gen. Moses Ali, MPs of all shades of opinion,
district chairpersons, CAOs, District Health Officers, etc.....

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