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{UAH} Uganda: Moment Bishop is 'Protected' By God From Attacker

Uganda: Moment Bishop is 'Protected' By God From Attacker

A Ugandan Bishop miraculously survived an attempted attack by a man who charged at him during Easter Sunday mass only to trip and fall near the altar.

Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira of St. Paul's Cathedral Namirembe was leading Easter Sunday mass when a man later identified as Herbert Kadu ran towards him holding a stick and a cloth.

Kadu tripped over a barrier and fell at the altar, a few meters from where Bishop Luwalira was conducting mass.

The suspected attacker was arrested by police and during interrogations he claimed that he was running to the bishop to be healed of evil spirits.

Kadu told police that he started being attacked by evil spirits when he was named the heir of his grandfather's wealth.


Daily Monitor reported that the attacker "told police that his intentions were not to harm the bishop but he had taken the barkcloth and the traditional stick, which were part of his inheritance, to Bishop Luwalira for burning."

Kadu's family had told police that he was of unsound mind but tests confirmed that he was sane.

Police charged him with threatened violence.


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