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{UAH} The Thrill and Crime


Let us hope the NRM government will really solve the escalating brutal
criminality in time!

Notably European and North American embassies are in total support of
government efforts to such an extent they are not issuing their
irrealistic advisory notices.

Unlike the case below, how did Nagirinya's and Kitayimbwa's source of
murder scheme know about B13 group?

The murder of Joshua Rushegyera Nteyireho and Princess Kamikazi Merina
Tumukunde on an express way where no other travellers saw nothing and
that the highway cameras to date have not yield much leaves the
country in total shock

Heavens - why do Kampala business people want mid night business dealings

Yesterday the army caught a group of young people in Kawanda with huge
amount of fake UGX 50000 shs notes they have been using to make
business transactions.

This leaves everything to imagination.

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