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{UAH} Dog dies 15 minutes after his owner, 25, loses heartbreaking battle with cancer

Tony Owana,

Here is more proof that your four-legged friend is streets ahead of  humans in loyalty. Nothing beats a dog's love. They are the most selfless and loving creatures, of all nature or god's creation. Actually, I dont think my dog Lucky will survive more than a few days if I died or abandoned him. I am all he has and without me, he can not survive. He is 5 years old , but except  for only one month when a puppy with his mom,  he has spent all his life with me.. He knows me better than most- when I am happy, when i am sad, when I am grumpy, and when I want to be left alone- and I also know him very well. I know all his moods and also all his tricks. Me and Lucky were made for each other. Without him, I would be completely lost.


Stuart Hutchison, from Alloa, Scotland, spent eight years battling a brain tumour and his French bulldog Nero "was always with him"

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