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{UAH} We won’t join new opposition pressure group, says NUP

The leadership of the National Unity Platform(NUP) has said whereas they support the idea, they will not join the People's Front for Transition(PFT), a new pressure group headed by Dr. Kizza Besigye with an aim of ousting President Museveni.

"If we are all pushing towards the same direction, I don't think there is need for all of us all to be under one umbrella. You all remember there was a time when we had the people power movement and our comrades had the People's government and we were fighting in the same direction," said NUP Secretary General, David Lewis Rubongoya on Tuesday.

According to Rubongoya and other NUP leaders it is not about joining the new opposition pressure group but rather supporting it that matters.

New deputy party spokesperson, Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro said, "We may not join but we definitely have to support all efforts of removing a dictator."

Since the launch of the new opposition pressure group, many have said both camps from Kamwokya(NUP) and Najjanakumbi( PFT) don't see eye to eye with each other since this is a battle for supremacy.

However, speaking to journalists on Tuesday, Rubongoya dismissed reports that they are clashing with the leadership of the new opposition pressure group.

He insisted that whereas they have not joined PFT, they support its aim of ousting the current government.

"NUP has been championing unity of forces for change. It is about people of Uganda uniting in furtherance of the struggle. There is no clash whatsoever. These are comrades we speak to. Sometimes we may disagree in approach but as long us all of us are pushing in the same direction, that is what matters,"Rubongoya said.

"This is not about FDC, NUP or ANT but about you as a Ugandan. Each one of us has responsibility to redeem this country. It is okay for all of us as political actors (to disagree) but above all we are all Ugandans who must unite for a cause."

The development comes on the backdrop of comments by Dr.Kizza Besigye, the chairperson of the newly formed opposition pressure group in which he said NUP had developed cold feet on the new front to oust the current government.

"I personally engaged them in great detail and the top leaders were very receptive of what we are doing and showed enthusiasm to be part of this but later I think when they engaged their other colleagues, they developed second thoughts," Besigye said on Monday.

"When a man is stung by a bee, he doesn't set off to destroy all beehives"

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