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Did you know that saying or posting things that are untrue is a criminal offence?

The law says that if you make a false statement, publish, or put out it out to the public that is likely to cause fear or alarm to the public then you may be liable to conviction for a period of up to 2 years.

You as an individual still have the right to express your views and opinions according to the constitution however if this is done without regard to the truthfulness and impact it may have on the public, you may be liable for the offence of spreading fake news.

For example, we have seen reports about bombs in places where they were not, the law can hold the publisher of such information liable if it deems it causes panic and fear in the public. Similarly, if you can declare someone dead whose death can cause fear and apprehension in the public especially if you have not tried to check and verify your information you may be arrested and charged with this offence.

Therefore, always try to verify information before you post it.

"When a man is stung by a bee, he doesn't set off to destroy all beehives"

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