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By law, a tenant has a right to enjoy the use of the rented property. This means they are free to eat only chicken if they want (even if they have not yet paid for the month), or even to smoke. However, since all of us want to enjoy our rights, there is often a conflict between tenants. If this happens, here are few tips to deal with the situation.

1. Report to the landlord

Back in school, when someone disturbed you in class, you would sometimes report to the 'class monitor' (if he/she was authoritative enough) or go to the teacher. In life, things have not changed that much, since the landlord has the authority over the houses, you can start by reporting the disturbing behaviour of your neighbour so that you give the landlord a chance to fix the issue.

2. sue the landlord

The law places a duty on a landlord to give you (as the tenant) a property that is fit for human habitation (good enough for human beings to live in). If you highlight the issues that are making the rental property unfit for you and your family, then the landlord must fix them. For example, a dirty environment with toxic fumes from cigarettes may be harmful to your children so this place may be unfit for your children. It is good to try and resolve issues without resorting to a 'fight'. Obviously, if this should fail, then the next best thing is to sue the landlord for this failure. You may have to shift from an 'inhabitable' place and then sue the landlord for having failed to fix the issues.

"When a man is stung by a bee, he doesn't set off to destroy all beehives"

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