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{UAH} State House asks for Shs 402 bn to look after Museveni next financial year

State House has requested for Shs 402 billion as total funding for President Museveni's activities next financial year.

The request was contained in a ministerial statement presented to the Presidential Affairs Committee of Parliament.

According to State Minister for Economic Planning in the Office of the President Peter Ogwang, Shs 39.3 billion has been budgeted to maintain Entebbe State House to the required standard, repair and maintenance of Nakasero State Lodge and the 23 Upcountry State Lodges.

Ogwang said State House Entebbe was last refurbished in 2007 ahead of Uganda hosting CHOGM.

Without disclosing the exact figure to the committee, Ogwang said State House has budgeted for the procurement of 14 new vehicles for the presidential convoy in addition to budgeting for the annual maintenance of the presidential jet and helicopter.

According to the budget frame work paper, Shs 13.4 billion has been budgeted for the procurement of security equipment, Shs 109.7 billion for the mobilisation of masses towards poverty and Shs 231.3 billion to honour at least 80 percent of the formal pledge requests and payment of school fees to 3,425 sponsored students.

However no provision of funds was made to facilitate any foreign trip for the president and vice president.

While discussing issue of External Security Organisation, journalists were told to leave the room because some of the issues under discussion were said to be "classified."

Ogwang also disclosed to the committee some of the achievements of State House in the first two quarters of the current financial year.


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