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{UAH} one trip in 2007 that will forever remain memorable for one female opposition MP.


It is no secret that MPs travel frequently out of the country; for conferences, bench-marking trips, holidays etc...
But there was one trip in 2007 that will forever remain memorable for one female opposition MP.
A West African country organized a conference on enhancing multi-party democracy in Africa.
Being a new player in this arena, Uganda's participation in the conference was vital.
So from Uganda, the organizers invited Dr Kizza Besigye, a couple of FDC and NRM MPs and the then speaker of parliament Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi.
Besigye was invited in his capacity as president of FDC and among other FDC officials, he went with Reagan Okumu, the then shadow minister for Foreign Affairs.
Ssekandi was invited in his capacity as speaker of the 8th parliament and was also given the privilege to come with three other people of his choosing.
The organizers booked all delegates in one five-star hotel, where the conference was to take place.
For some people, all went according to plan until the first morning of the conference.
The delegates had made their way into one of the hotel's swanky restaurants for breakfast.
As they rotated around the breakfast table loading their plates with sausages, eggs, fries, and omelette, Besigye and Okumu ran into a familiar face.
It was that of a female opposition MP, who had somehow found her way there.
They exchanged enforced pleasantries before Okumu told the female MP to always have the courtesy to inform the party whenever she is going out on an official trip.
Mbu the female MP stared back at Okumu with that "mind your business look" before she instructed a hotel worker to deliver her breakfast to her room.
Mbu Besigye ignored the female MP and for the duration of the conference, the two did not talk.
Yet here is the most interesting bit.
Mbu FDC officials were later shocked to find out from some hotel staff that the female legislator had in fact been booked into the hotel as a spouse of the speaker!
For this reason, she was treated with some pomp, royalty and respect.
Mbu she hardly attended any proceedings and spent the duration of the conference site-seeing and shopping.
Rumours, rumours, rumours…

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