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{UAH} Bobiwine and his NUP were formed to fight FDC and Besigye

BY Henry Chemba

Bobiwine and his NUP were formed to fight FDC and Besigye, so as to extend the NRM junta rule to 50 years

After 2016 elections, because of top much pressure from Besigye and international community, there was solid plans for negotiations.

Museveni approached Sweden to mediate and Besigye insisted on election Audit.

The negotiations were first about Election Audit of 2016 to establish the winner.

The Swedish Secretary of State Annika Soder was agreed upon as a mediator to audit 2016 president elections to establish the winner.

Then Kyaddondo East bielection happened, Bobi Wine and DP Bloc used it to mercilessly blackmail KB unfairly.

Museveni shifted all  energy and resources from negotiations to sponsoring blackmail against KB.

Bobi Wine is the reason Museveni never left the Presidency because he received volumes of money to blackmail KB.

If it had been established that Museveni lost 2016 elections, he would never have justification to stay in power.

From 2017 Kyaddondo East bielection, Museveni was stronger and Besigye weaker.

Museveni amended the constitution to remove age limit because Bobi Wine had given him much needed Oxgyen by blackmailing Besigye who had put Museveni in a tight corner.

No wonder, during Age Limit removal, while Besigye was moving all over the country mobilising people to oppose the amendment (TOGIKWATAKO), Bobi Wine was on holiday in the Mediterranean sea eating Museveni's money.

Bobi Wine is the reason Museveni was on the ballot in 2021 and he will be the reason Tanga Odoi says Museveni will be on the ballot in 2026.

Bobi Wine is the greatest political fraud Uganda will have, far worse than Museveni.

"When a man is stung by a bee, he doesn't set off to destroy all beehives"

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