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{UAH} treacherous Anita Among

By Henry Chemba

After the 2006 Presidential election Dr Besigye Presented overwhelming evidence from all the DR forms across the Country in Supreme Court of Uganda and this forced 3 of the 7 Judges to reject the results as presented by the Electoral Commission

All DR forms from all Polling stations showed Dr Besigye had won comfortably with a huge margin, it was a huge task for m7 Judges not to overturn the election. Finally one judge who had agreed with the 3 to overturn the election, the following morning changed his mind and voted in favour of m7 after ahuge bribery and threats.

Therefore this overwhelming evidence in 2006 election Petition scared m7 so much and he rolled out a huge secretive plan of infiltration of the FDC Party, He began to plan for the next election of 2011

This is when he recruited Anita Among, Thomas Tayebwa and many others, he gave them an assignment of infiltrating FDC, this group joined FDC with the sole purpose and intention of Stealing Besigye and FDC's DR Forms of the 2011 Election after disguising as FDC leaders and candidates.

Ofcourse we thought these where genuine fighters whom we recruited and they even funded FDC activities with huge sums of money yet we didnt know they were moles planted into us by m7 and eventually their plans were successful. They looted over 40% of all DR forms collected from the field in 2011.

Many DR forms collected and in their custody where disappearing with no trace, Anita Among, Thomas Tayebwa, Byomuhangi,Rajaab Kaaya, Ayo, Kakayi Zerida and many others where all Part of this racket,

So when you see Anita Among as Deputy Speaker, Tayebwa as Chief whip, Rajaab getting Parliamentary Jobs, and all those others i have mentioned with fat jobs in m7's Government its not a surprise, others a now working in the ministry of Finance, he rewarded them for the job well done of stealing Dr Besigye's evidence

So they are In such huge positions not by defauult but by plan and design,they are being rewarded for hypocrisy and thuggery. Happy Birthday Anita Among.

"When a man is stung by a bee, he doesn't set off to destroy all beehives"

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